Australian  Artist

Tina Jacobson

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                 Paintings with people    personalised paintings made to order... here is only a sample of my work.


                          I Fish                                                                                            Picnic with raaauw


                            My friend                                                                                             red swimmer


                           Mt Whistler                                                                                        St Kilda Beach


                            Balmoral Beach 1                                                                            Balmoral beach 2


                                             Lilemjack Farm                                              Cuddles on beach                               Colourful Braids


        blue bird                                     beige beach                                     dog on wire                            having fun


       abstract terracotta family                                  sun set flying                                               fassos


        pony hug                                           Two geese                                                              cocktails for two


               wedding family                                                                       sno


                      soul and roses                                     famine nature                                    My Puppy



            footy on the beach                                                 Mustang Beach                                                    sunset family


                      Valentine                            Puppies on the beach                a bird in the hand                          Bluey         


                                       Sue's family                                                                           Picnic at the park


             soccer and ski                                  the professor                                        best friends forever                                  


                little peppi                                                                 processing                                         dance with dragonflies


             oma and opa                              eve                                                         Brighton Pier


         aqua girl                                           feminine nature 2                          my kitties                                         Taiwan  dance                                                                


                cheers                                                    rustic swimmer                                                      fiji  


            blue birds sinning                             beach grooving                                                    the new dog


                             river cruse 'n                                                    mystic                                        pearl

                           combie fun