Australian  Artist

Tina Jacobson

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                  Abstract Paintings Paintings made to order and matched to personal décor. more designs available


      White Wires                       Calculator                                              abstract house greys                                               desert stars


         beach fog                                   fish creek                                                       brown bow                                                         funky moons


             blue splash                                                         orange Y                                                                     yin and yang set


          Autumn leaves                                             abstract red beach                                                                   beige lily                                                                              


                purple dragonflies                                          Anneke                                Green Vases                                Dam                             green fish


                    Foggy reflections                                  white leaves                                        funky red sun                                        orange swimmer


                                       sea swirl                                                                 night reflections                                                 red spaniel


                                       red bird                                                                                      marlin                                                               owl


                                    autumn sunrise                                                                      sunny oaks                                                         Donkey


                   abstract dragonflies  with colour                                        funky sun with colour                                  red gerberas black wave


            The journey                                      life abundance                                love sandy point                                 sandy point abstract